BVOD: 1 Cor 1:27-29

I think that this is self-explanatory so there’s no need to elaborate. Stay strong everyone!

Peace and blessings,



Bible Study With Me- Psalm 139

Hello Gal Pals,

Welcome and/or Welcome back!

One thing that I truly must do on a daily basis is get into God’s Word.

I have been wanting to share a devotional on here for quite some time. Finally, I have made time to do just that.

I am focusing on Psalm 139 and I’m reading from The Passion Translation – I just discovered it.


Now before you let that translation run you off, please click on the video below. I thoroughly enjoyed making this.

I love my time with God and you can clearly sense that when you watch the video. I have no doubt that you will feel encouraged by the end.


Thank you for taking the time to spend it here with me. I don’t take that likely. If you believe that anything that I do here could help someone else, please feel free to share it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, so that you can become one of my online Gal Pals, thus be notified when I post something new.

I really appreciate the love and support.

Until next time, peace and blessings.


BVOD: For Those Looking For Wisdom.

Are you in need of wisdom and wondering how to find it? The Bible tells us that all we need to do is ask. God is generous! He is more than willing to give us the wisdom that we need. All that we must do is ASK.

Many Blessings,


Be Careful Who You Call Hopeless

Be careful who you call hopeless. God’s standards and ours are not the same. God can see into the secret places of a person’s heart.

Remember that our words can speak life or death. You might just be the hope that person needs at that time, so be mindful.

Don’t be so quick to let them have it. Stop for a second, take a deep breath, and listen to see if God has something to say through you.

Hurting people speak from a place of hurt and fear, and if we aren’t staying prayed up then we can let our emotions take over in the situation.

Don’t look with the naked eye and count a person out. God may just want to use you to help them get to the next level.

Stay blessed,


BVOD: Proverbs 3:7 God’s Plans

This isn’t a new bible verse to many of us. I have read it many times, but for some reason it stuck with me this morning.

I have desires for the future that aren’t bad. There have been things that I desire for my life and that of my family.

These desires alone are not bad but I must not put them before any plans that God has for my life.

I thought to share it just in case one of you needed to hear it as well.

Stay blessed, my friends.


God Hasn’t Forgotten His Promises

Sometimes, it may feel like a promise will never come to pass. A long waiting period can even cause us to wonder if we ever heard the promise in the first place.

This year, I have witnessed God answering prayers in the lives of those closest to me. In my own life God is moving in a big way, but there was a lot of waiting.

Let me encourage those of you that are currently waiting on God. He has not forgotten you nor has he forgotten about the promise that He made to you. God is not a liar, and He has not changed His mind.

I personally have seen God move when I began to lose hope. Hang in there, ladies. I am no one special so I guarantee that God can do it for you too.

Hang in there,