4 Months In

Today my daughter turns four months old and I just want to take a moment and reflect.

yummy hands

Four things that I have learned:

1. What her cries mean.

2. That I will make mistakes and that it’s okay.

3. To live and cherish the moment.

4. To accept help from others.

Abbie what

Four things I am still learning:

1. Not to take myself too seriously.

2. How to balance life.

3. To drown out the voices of others and trust that God will show me the way.

4. Perfecting the crib situation.

Are we done mom

Four things that I cherish:

1. Her waking up first thing in the morning.

2. Her smile.

3. Seeing her after I have been away at work.

4. Witnessing the daddy and daughter moments.


Four things I don’t want to forget:

1. How much she needs me.

2. Her signature baby cry (mehhh…)

3. Her many faces.

4. Bath time is her favorite time of day.

Family pic

Thank you all for your support! God Bless!

(Originally Posted:2/8/14)


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