Look Back and Find Encouragement

When I think back over the past 26 years of my life I find myself extremely humbled. There has been pain and also times where I’ve faced unfortunate circumstances, however, now I see it as a blessing. As I sit here thinking about how God, Himself, considered me strong enough to handle these things I am overwhelmed with an indescribable joy. During the pain I couldn’t comprehend how it could work out for my good, but now I’m reassured that it was God’s plan. I am a simple girl who has been seeking to find her purpose in this life and now I clearly see that the pain had a purpose. I have this hunger to reach hurting people and the pain is a tool I can use to point hurting people to Him, also known as my testimony.

While facing difficult circumstances, at a young age, I felt worthless, I felt like throwing in the towel. During those periods the God in me refused to surrender all hope. The veil has been lifted and I see all the long-suffering was not in vain. God can take my ashes and use them to make some thing beautiful in the life of someone else.

The importance lies not in the specifics of my personal pain but I do encourage you to think back over some of your own personal experiences. Think about how it may have appeared to be an impossible situation and somehow God did the impossible. Remember the many times you were held in the night by God’s loving hand. Recall the times when God encouraged you to go on in the darkest of nights. Are you facing an impossible situation at this present time? I urge you to look back and know that the same God who got you through the many other impossible situations has not changed. He still cares and He will always be there to step in right on time.

God bless everyone who reads this. Do Not give into the temptation to quit. God is the same today as He was yesterday. Amen!

(originally posted: 1/2/14)


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