Face it and Embrace it

The other day I found myself dwelling on a flaw that I just have not been able to eliminate from my life. I decided to get alone with God and talk to Him about it. I told Him that I wanted the flaw removed but I did not know what to do to remove it. I longwindedly mentioned the many things that I have tried to completely rid my life of this issue. After I finished with all of the chatter, I became quiet. As I quietly listened God simply said “face it and embrace it”, and with those words I found peace within my spirit. I understood that the thing to do is to face the issue, do what I can to improve it, and after that I have to embrace what remains.


     In 2 Corinthians 12:5-10 Paul mentions a thorn in his flesh. He goes on to say that he asked God to remove it, and God told him that He works best in Paul’s weakness; the thorn represents a flaw that Paul had. The point is that  Paul was never meant to be perfect and neither are we. Weaknesses are necessary as they keep us humble. Like Paul, if we have no weaknesses then we easily run into pride. In other words, if we had it all together then we would not need God for anything.

There are things in my life that I need to improve and with those things I will do just that. On the other hand, there are things that I cannot do anything about, and I need to embrace those things for what they are. In this life perfection is not the key but the key is to have full dependency upon God.

With this post I truly pray that you if you are dealing with any inadequacies that you have found encouragement. Know that God can and wants to use you in the state that you are in. If you can do better than do better but if you can’t then do not fret. God has a plan for you, flaws and all.

God bless and thank you for taking time to read this post.


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