At The Feet of Jesus


When I am hurting and I don’t have the words that I need to express how I feel I don’t need to worry because they are not needed at the feet of Jesus. When I am there he already knows what it is that I can’t seem to say. My tears are never bothersome, I am not annoying, and there is no time limit. At the feet of Jesus all my problems can be addressed and I can be completely vulnerable. Things I have no control over and things that I do don’t overwhelm him, which makes it easy for me to be completely honest. At the feet of Jesus failure is not an option and hope can abundantly be found; fear has no place there.  Truly that is the best place I have found for me to be.

Don’t worry! There is room for more than just myself. Jesus has enough of himself to go around and can pay full attention to us all. Even with my problems, yours, his, and hers he still won’t become overwhelmed. At the feet of Jesus is where my strength is restored, everything comes together, and I can get back up and go back into the world with the peace that was given; and the same can happen for you.

If you are in need of something, any thing big or small, find time and spend it at his feet. If you’re not in need of any thing praise is welcome too. It’s well worth it.



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