Thankful Thursdays

My daughter is sleeping, my husband is at work, and I am sitting here just thinking. It is easy to find things to complain about. It is easy to allow the stresses of life to over take me and for me to get lost in the negative thoughts and allow them to take over.  I am not going to do that today. I would love to say that I will never do that again, but what would lying get me? Today I am going to choose to be thankful and in this quick  post I will be thankful out loud. Here are ten things, in no particular order, that I am thankful for.


1. My family.

2. My Health and for the health of my family.

3. The job that I have.

4. Lights, water, air/heat, and all the things I tend to take for granted.

5. Loving people being  in my life on a daily basis.

6. Laughter (It is something that I truly cherish).

7. God’s grace and mercy.

8. This blog. I am able to say so much to so many different people from right here.

9.  All my blog readers and/or subscribers. I appreciate the love and support.

10. My daughter and who God has made her to be.

While there are so many things to be thankful for I thought I would just do 10. I could go on and on but I will stop here. Have a wonderful, blessed, and thankful day everyone.


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