My Grandma aka My Mom

It is late at night, my husband is sleeping, and my daughter is in my arms. Like them, I too should be sleeping but I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude.  I have only been a mother for a little while and I have faced some challenging moments from time to time; and I know this is only the beginning. With that being said I am truly grateful for my grandmother. Her name is Mattie, she adopted, and spent her life raising me and three of my sisters.  She gave up her time,  she gave her money,  and she gave up her life to make sure that we had.

Sitting here, I recollect on the countless things that I’ve learned from her, not only from the words she spoke but also from the life she lived in front of me. Such an wonderful woman, mother, friend, person I have been blessed to know. She truly is a woman after God’s heart. I witnessed this in the ways she loved me when I should have been unlovable, in the ways she believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and in the many sacrifices she made for us on a daily basis.  I wasn’t always grateful but that did not keep her from doing what was best for me, even when I became an adult.

There really isn’t a point in typing this because I know she will not be logging on to read it,  but I just wanted to openly express my gratitude for this wonderful woman that I have been blessed to know as my mom. I have said all of this to her many times. As a mom I now can see what an amazing job she truly did and I am thankful.

God bless everyone.


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