Natural Hair – Curly Mohawk


Approximate time needed: 3 hours (that is from beginning to end, which includes stopping along the way to take care of my baby girl. If you don’t have to stop then I would say maybe an hour and thirty minutes).

How I achieved this look:

Step 1: Start with a clean head of hair (shampooed, co-washed, and conditioned with my lotions and oils).

Step 2: Section hair into four sections (1) bang area, (2 -3) Sides for flat twist, and (4) The back

Step 3: Do the flat twist in sections two and three.

Step 4: Twist the bang into medium sized twist.

Step 5: Twist the back into the same medium sized twist.

Step 6: Cover with a scarf and let it be.

Step 7: Thoroughly oil your fingers and take your twist a loose.

Step 8: Pin and style as you please.


-Style on clean damp hair, so you may need a water bottle.

-I find that it is helpful for me to oil and condition as I go through each section.

Things that I learned:

I did not do a great job of spacing out my curls. The next time I do this style, I will make sure that I can take my time. I rushed as I took my twist a loose and you can clearly see that in the pictures. I would not call this a perfect job but you get the gist. (I hesitated to post this but this is my hair journey and trial and error is what it’s all about.)

Hope that you enjoyed this. Have a blessed day.


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