Twenty Seven


On this very day last year I turned 26 years old and I was pregnant with my daughter. A few months later I gave birth to that amazing blessing.  Overall, for me personally,  26 was the beginning of a new chapter but the ending of another one. A few weeks ago my grandma/adopted mother passed away and that has been difficult. I’ve struggled to find the balance between being strong, because I am a mom with responsibilities, and with finding time to grieve. I am still working to find the balance but it does get better day by day.

Today I am blessed to say that I turn 27 years old. I now enter into a new year of life and I have been doing some reflecting. It’s nothing special but here it goes…

Things That I’ve Learned About Myself In 27 Years:

1. I am a person who believes in commitment. (If I say I will do something I fully intend to follow through).

2. I am an emotional person.

3. I love being a mother.

4.  I love being a wife.

5. I love to be around family.

6. I am a people person.

7. I enjoy talking.

8. I am a Christian and I need God everyday. (I am nothing without Him).

9.  I believe in working hard.

Things That I’ve learned in 27 years:

10. That I am stronger than I thought.

11. There are lessons to learn from all painful situations.

12. Every friendship isn’t always meant to last forever.

13. Being a mom can be hard work at times, but as crazy as it sounds, I enjoy it.

14. God is so faithful.

15. It isn’t my job to change a person but to love them where they are, as God works on changing them.

16. To enjoy the small moments as well as the big ones.

17.  Not to compare myself, or others,  but instead appreciate what I’ve been given.

18. Everyone is not trustworthy.

Things That I Still Have to learn:

19. To be comfortable in my own skin.

20. Not to take myself too seriously.

21.  What my God given purpose. (I know that we all have more than one but I am seeking that main one.  I hope that makes sense.)

22. That I have the right to stand up for myself.

23.  How to forgive myself sooner instead of beating myself up over a mistake. To repent, know that God has forgiven me, and then forgive myself as well.

24. To laugh at myself more often than not.

25.  How not to allow fear to hold me back .

26. How to drive a vehicle.

27. So much more about my hair on this hair journey.

There you have it some personal reflections. Love you all and thanks for all the support. God bless!


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