Remember Your Spouse

In a few days my daughter will turn 10 months old, and I can hardly believe it. My husband and I have really thrown ourselves into our roles as parents. Work, baby, sleep, baby, eat, baby, wash, baby, clean house, baby… and before we knew it she was about to turn 10 months old. The time has flown by and I believe that we have done a pretty good job figuring this parenting thing out.  With that being said we have not forgotten about our relationship to one another.

I have heard others say that they feel close to their baby and distant from their spouse. Many appreciate the fact that their spouse helps them with the baby. but they feel that things have changed between the two of them. This can cause a real problem in a marriage and even weaken the bond.  After having a baby it is still important to remember your spouse. My husband and I are not a fan of putting our daughter in the care of others for the sake of fun. Here are 4 ways we spend quality time together without pushing the baby off on someone else.

1. Going for a walk: You can have your baby in the stroller and head out for a walk around the block, or even in a park. By doing this, you know how your baby is doing and you get to chit chat with one another. Plus you get a workout in at the same time.

2. Going for a car ride: Your baby is in the back seat while you and your spouse get to chit chat. This is a cute way to reminisce on places where you two used to go. Maybe you can go back through a childhood neighborhood, drive pass places you used to see, or just drive and recall old memories and have a good laugh. This is a great way to get out of the house, spend time with your spouse, and not have to worry about what your baby is up to.

3. Watch a movie: My husband and I do this often. We have our daughter in her tot yard and we watch a movie. This way you don’t have to leave your house, you have your own snacks, you don’t have to spend gas money, you get to spend time together, and you have your baby right in front of you, safe and sound.

4. Write a love letter: When you and your husband are so busy with life that you don’t have many moments to stop and do either of the options listed above, write a love letter. When I say love letter I mean a nice letter letting them know that you have been thinking about them, even in the busyness of life. After a hard day this can really help lift up a person’s spirits.  This is not an graded essay so feel free to say whatever you want from your heart. * Note: If you do this too often it tends to away from the beauty of it. I encourage you to not do this everyday. Also, put it in a place where they are sure to find it.*

Alright you all. I hope that this was helpful. If you have anymore ideas that others can benefit from please share them in the comment section. I am open to more idea as well. Whatever you do make sure that you remember your spouse.

(I want to quickly mention that I do think that it is important to get away from the baby and spend time together, but that is not what this post was about.)

God Bless you all!


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