Natural Hair – Those Twist

all finished

Approximate time needed: 2 hours 30 minutes (that is from beginning to end, which includes stopping along the way to take care of my baby girl. If you don’t have to stop then I would say maybe an hour and thirty minutes).

How I achieved this look:

Step 1: Start with a clean head of hair (shampooed, co-washed,  detangle entire head, and conditioned with my lotions and oils). start

Step 2: Section hair into three sections (1-2) in the front (3) in the back. (I began with one section in the front and one in the back. Once I reached the front I divided it into two).

Step 3: Twisting the back section first is my preference. My twist were between small and medium in size.

*How I do them*

I grab a rather small-medium portion of hair. I apply my moisturizer of choice from root to tip. I divide the portion into two and begin twisting. As I twist one strand over the other, I smooth the hairs in that strand down. I do this all the way to the end of the twist.back finished

Step 4: I move on to the front section and now I divide it into two sections, and I twist one section at a time in the same manner. I twisted the right side going to the right. front side

Step 5: I twist the last front section in the same manner going down to the left until I was all done. all finished

Step 6:  Pin and style as you please.


-Style on clean damp hair, so you may need a water bottle.

-After co-washing, I moisturized with lotion and sealed with oil  in rather large sections, made sure to detangle, and then twisted each large section.  I took the twist a loose and that is where I begin dividing my head for the twist. Then as I did each twist I added more moisturizer the each twist.

My Thoughts

This was a simple and easy style to do. I did this style on Sunday for work on Monday. Later on in the week I may do a twist out with these twist. I really like that this was easy and versatile.

Before I end this post someone wanted to make a guest appearance.

guest appearance

Hope that you enjoyed this. Have a blessed day.


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