Day 3: How To Get The Most From Sunday’s Sermon.

Today is Day 4 of Alex Beadon’s “Feel Good Blogging Challenge” and today I have the task of teaching  something. It is 10 at night and I finally know what I want to teach you. From the title you know that I am going to teach you how to get the most out of Sunday’s sermon (This can also apply to any messages preached or taught any day of the week). Let’s get started.

We go to church expecting to receive a Word from the Lord given through the speaker. Some days you may feel that you did not receive any benefit and other times you may feel the message was right on time. Here are steps that I use to make sure that I get the most from of the message.


Step 1: Pray on the way to church.

This not only clears your mind but also prepares your heart for what it is that God wants to say to you. The week can be tasking and weigh heavy on your heart and mind. This weight can distract you and cause you to miss the very words that you need to receive.


Step 2: Bring your own Bible.

This is important because you want to take notes in your Bible to come back to later. It also helps to have the same Bible as the speaker but this is not necessary because you will be taking notes to look over later. This brings me to step 3.

Step 3: Have a notebook designated just for sermons that you hear.

In this notebook you want to jot down the Bible version that the speaker/preacher used, the title of the sermon, where the passage came from (book, chapter,and verses), any questions, ah ha moments, things that God said directly to you while you were there; basically any and every thing that you want to remember for later.
**I recommend highlighters or colored pens. Sometimes I find that I have written so much, so I highlight the important things so I will look at them first**


Step 4: When you get home review your notes.

After you get comfortable, before you go to bed, I would suggest reviewing your notes. If you can’t review every thing makes sure that you do review the highlighted text and make sure that you read the passage in the version that the speaker/ preacher used.

Step 5: Pray

I usually say a prayer of thanks, thanking God for the message that I received. Then I ask God to reveal more to me about this text during the week.

Step 6: Come back in the middle of the week and review your notes again.

I do this and this is where I usually find that I get more from the passage than I had previously received. This is because I have faced different obstacles since the message was given. If the message did not minister to you the day that it was delivered maybe you will discover that by now it has.

Well, these are the steps that help me to get the most from the sermons that I am blessed to hear. I hope that you have found these steps to be helpful.

I will catch you tomorrow on day 4 of the challenge.

God Bless!


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