My Minted Wishlist

***This is a sponsored post by All opinions shared are my own.***

Hi Everyone!

Very few people know that I really like art. Now, while I am no expert, by any means, I do like pictures and abstract art that cause me to think.

Okay Dri. Why are you telling us this?

Well, I was contacted by and was asked to make a wishlist. I have looked through much of the art that they have (and there is a lot) and I have picked a few to add to my wishlist.

Some of the pieces allow you to add color to them or simply leave them monochrome. There are also a bunch of frames to choose from. When selecting a picture you can choose from a variety of frames but you don’t have to purchase one. In my opinion this is a great site for so many different people. It not only has a ton of art but it also has map gifts, stationary, save the date items, and more. I definitely recommend that you check it out.

***I could not figure out how to insert the pictures into this post but I did post a link to each***

My Wishlist: My Top 5

1. As You are – ( I think that this is my favorite out of the bunch. I like how the artist used both light and shadows. I also like how it is a picture of a human and that I cannot see the face or anything that would identify a particular person. It is a person and to me it says be who you are. The title is perfect.

2. Facades – (  As a kid I was very sheltered. I used my imagination a lot. I would look at pictures in a book and pretend that I was there. If I were looking at this as a kid, this would be one  of the pictures that I would have found intriguing. Note: this particular one comes in either monochrome or coral.

3. Eleven Mile Reservoir- (  If you know me you know that I could sit out in nature and stay there for hours at a time ( well before becoming a mom I could). I truly love nature. I love seeing how  beautiful God’s creation is. It truly is amazing.

4. Golden Country- (  Besides from the fact that is a beautiful scene I like this picture because it is a picture of the country. I don’t mind the city but I am a country girl at heart. I really like all of the colors in this  one.

5.Float- ( Need I say anything?!? To me, this is brilliant. I love all of the colors and it makes me think. This one is fantastic!  Note: this particular one comes in either aqua, saffron, or crimson.

To see all the amazing pieces of art that they have click here:

Okay you all. Those are the ones that I chose for my wishlist but they have so many more. In the future I plan to do a review on the products that I get from them. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post.

Have a blessed day!


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