No New Years Resolutions

Hello, everyone. It has been an emotional year for me. This has been the first full year without my grandma/mommy in it. This year, 2015,  I have allowed myself to feel all the emotions that I kept avoiding back in 2014 when she passed away. I promised myself a year to get used to life without her in it, seeing that she has been there since the beginning.

Well, I did just that. I allowed myself the emotional journey in 2015, and now I welcome 2016 a stronger woman.

As I prepare to welcome a new year, I bring no new years resolutions with me. This year I just have different goals centered around self-improvement and self-growth. I want to have more of a positive, christ-centered life. I want to grow spiritually.  I am no longer going after perfection because it is an impossible task to achieve. I want to love harder, listen more often, and grow from every experience. When I make a mistake I want to do what I can to resolve it and continue moving forward.

These are my goals, not my resolutions.

I wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year. May you continue to grow, connect with God, and positively touch lives with the life that you’ve been given.

See you all next year.

Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016


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