The Small Things Matter

The small things matter

Today I decided to go out and get something to cook for supper before I head to work this evening.  I honestly have been slacking off in that area and my husband doesn’t deserve that. During my time in prayer this morning, God reminded me that the small things matter.

I spent time in the grocery store praying and asking God what I should purchase. (Yes, I am one of those people who prays about those type of things). I didn’t get anything too spectacular.I eventually felt that stir fry was a good decision, so my daughter and I headed to check out.

When we were done I prepared to put the shopping cart away. As I was doing so my daughter wanted these stickers from the gumball machine area. Me, trying to stick to the monthly budget said,”no, we will save that money and get you something better another day”. Her being two years old wasn’t satisfied with that answer. I struggled to calm her down and this man kindly came over to me and gave me the change for her stickers. It may seem so small and pointless, but that act of kindness reminded me that the little things matter.

I felt that this constant reminder was worth sharing. Maybe you want to do something big in someone’s life but you don’t have the means to do so. I hope you remember that the little things matter. A small act of kindness can work wonders in a person’s life.

stir fry

God Bless,


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