Natural Hair: Her First Frohawk

My daughter isn’t a fan of getting her hair done, but she loves to look beautiful when it’s all done. I did her hair today and the best part is that it’s very simple.

Approximate time needed: 30 minutes (Keep in mind that all kids are different, so it may not take that long for you. I had to stop and start due to her moments of restlessness.)

How I achieved this look:

Step 1: Start with a clean head of hair (freshly co-washed,  detangled entire head, and conditioned with lotions and oils). 
Step 2: Section hair into four sections (3) in the front (1) in the back. (In the front, I put one section in the middle and two on the sides. The back was parted into one big section).

Step 3: I created two flat twists1 in the side sections of her hair.


Step 4: I twist the tail ends of the flat twist together, and I do this on both sides.

Step 5: I take the twist from both sides and I pin them together in between the two middle sections.


Section 6: I remove the clips from the middle sections and cover up the twist that are joined together in between them.



She has naturally curly hair so I didn’t need to twist the remaining loose portion before hand. If the hair isn’t naturally curly give yourself ample enough time to twist the loose portion if you want it to be curly. Then when it’s dry take them a loose and you will have curls.

My Thoughts

This was a simple and easy style to do. And if you are wondering if she approved, when it was done she said “oh, mommy! It’s beautiful”.

Hope that you enjoyed this. Have a blessed day.


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