Hello, Everyone.

I am not sure if you have noticed the change in my domain name (from simplymedri.com back to simplymedri.wordpress.com).

Don’t worry you guys and gals, I am not going anywhere. Yes, I am still serious about this blogging venture. You see, my goal one day is to have a self-hosted site; and as you know that cost money. Instead of paying money to have a unique domain name and for domain mapping I decided that I would save up and get what I really wanted. This may take me a while to accomplish but I will still be blogging in the meantime.


They say that you aren’t serious if you don’t invest at least in a domain name. That is not the case for me at the time. As a mom, I am more than ever serious about saving money and it would not make sense to pay for the domain mapping to wordpress.com and then pay whatever to wordpress.org.


I am not going anywhere. You can still find me here at simplymedri.wordpress.com

God bless,



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