Our First Carved Pumpkin

As a kid, we didn’t carve pumpkins in our home for Halloween. Now I don’t blame my grandma at all. She was much older than I am today and there were more of us to take care of. With all that said, I decided I wanted to try this carving pumpkin experiment. Please keep in mind that I am not a pro by any means. This post is just me sharing my first experience carving a pumpkin.

This is What We/I did:

Step One: Pick out your pumpkin. I allowed my daughter to choose the pumpkin. I wasn’t surprised when she choose a smaller pumpkin. In her words, “I want the baby one, mommy.”


Step Two: I went online and googled to see what kinds of designs there were out there. I found so many, so I was able to mix and match and create my own outline.

There is an eyeball in each eye but the flash washed it out.


Step 3: I cut out the stem. I was pretty excited as you can see.



Step 4: I gutted out all of the insides and made it as clean as I could including the stems base.


Step 5: I began to cut out the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows on the pumpkin. You may have noticed that I accidentally cut out the eyeballs that the pumpkin had in step 2. My one tip would be for you to take your time.



Step 6: Once I finished cutting the outline, I intentionally continued to cut toward the center of the pumpkin without going through. My goal was to have the glow from the candle on the pumpkins inner surface. This was the finished project.


My Thoughts On This Experience

The pumpkin resulted in losing a sharp tooth on the side and both eyeballs as well. During this project, I discovered that I was more excited than my three-year-old daughter was. Once the pumpkin was finished, I realized that fact remained the same. Tonight, I will put the candle inside and see how she feels about it. I will update this post tonight and update you with her response (assuming that I remember after work).

Hopefully, next year will be more exciting for my little one which will result in more pictures. Thank you for reading this post all the way to the end.

UPDATE: Here’s what it looks like at night.


Stay blessed,



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