Why Have I Been MIA?

Hello, my dear friends!

I know that I have been missing in action for a little while now, but it is for a good reason. I am in the process of creating my own self-hosted blog for Simplymedri. I am running behind schedule because I really don’t know what I am doing. But have no fear, I will be back in action hopefully sometime in the next few weeks, definitely before January ends.

What is going to happen to this blog?

After struggling to transfer over all of this blog’s content to the new site, I finally gave up and decided to just give myself a fresh start. This blog will remain up in case you would like to read any of the older content. I do hope that you have been enjoying the content that I provide because I will continue to produce more of the same once I get things up and running. By the way, I do intend to be more personal and transparent on some things, so definitely stay tuned for that.

Thank you for your support thus far. I do hope that you will subscribe to my “continued blog” once it is published.

See you very soon!


I Appreciate My Husband


After I got my daughter to sleep last night, I got up to go spend time with my husband. As I opened the door, I could hear that he was sleeping. As I turned the corner, I could see that he fell asleep in the middle of doing some work even after he was working all day. I smiled to myself at the reminder of how blessed I was to have him in my life. I woke up this morning and wondered if he even knows how I feel about him. I decided that I wouldn’t let another day go by without making sure.

 I hope that you are ready for a mushy post from the heart.

Here are seven things that I appreciate about my husband:

  1. His honesty: I didn’t think that I could ever find anyone as honest as my dad. He wasn’t one to sugarcoat his feelings and I always knew that he would be honest with me. Well luckily for me I was wrong. My husband, Brian, is honest with me and I appreciate that. His honesty allows me to trust him with my true feelings and him with mine. I know that when he shares something with me, no matter how difficult it may be to hear at the time, it will be true and from his heart. He doesn’t mind correcting me in love and I really appreciate that. I am not a fan of people that just agree with everything and I don’t have to worry about that coming from him.
  2. His encouragement: I am my toughest critic and I tend to be a bit too tough at times. He knows me well and can sense when I am overthinking. While he is a hard worker, he doesn’t mind taking the time to sit down with me. He is a great listener and will grant me the time it takes for me to get the gist of my thoughts out. Then after hearing me out, he kindly guides me back to a place of love. He reminds me of the good things that make me who I am. He will gently tell me that I am overthinking the situation and help me see things the way they really are. I am a sensitive person and it really helps to have such a loving partner.
  3. He prays for me: My relationship with God is very important to me. There is nothing like having my husband pray from his heart. When he takes my hands and leads us in prayer it is very comforting to me. No matter what situations that we face together as a couple we both know that God is in control.
  4. He prays for our daughter: It always puts a smile on my face when I witness him praying for our daughter. It is so important that she see’s that her daddy goes to God in prayer. I mean, he is her main male role model after all. And Brian if you didn’t know, I think you are doing a great job!

  5. He works hard for our family: As I stated in the beginning of this post, my husband is a hard worker. His mind is constantly thinking about the next thing. He works so hard each and every day and I am deeply grateful. I have always been enthralled by the fact that he can work so much and so hard, and still come home with that handsome smile and those warm hugs that I cherish. I can’t say that I am always that way but I am fascinated that he is that way more often than not.

  6. He loves me: I love to dance! I am not a professional, by any means, but I love to have fun doing my thing. He doesn’t love dancing but he cheerfully will join in because he knows that it makes me happy. He does a lot of those kinds of things for me. He loves me so much that he will willingly try things that I like to do even if it is ridiculous to him. (Do you remember kissing me under the full moon? lol)

  7. He loves our daughter: Even after working a double shift, you won’t find him coming home and sleeping. Soon after he comes home laughter and fun fill the rooms. He will get down on the ground and begin to do whatever she is doing at the time. Her eyes light up when she see’s him and he is all hers. She is a daddy’s girl and she loves spending time with him. She doesn’t understand that he has been working and needs rest; and from the looks of things he doesn’t either.

Why did you make this post? Couldn’t you just text him or tell him face to face? Well, yes I could. I am such an advocate of sharing my love behind closed doors as well as out in the open. It is so easy to say I love and appreciate you when we are spending time one on one. I wanted to say theses things out loud and since I didn’t have a mountain to yell from I thought this would be loud enough. I love you so much Brian Carthens.

Thank you all for reading my mushy blog post.

See you again soon. Stay blessed!

It’s Thanksgiving & I Am Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

God has done so much for me and my family. Today is the best day to post things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for:

1. God being God in my everyday life. I couldn’t make it a day without Him.

2. My husband who is my best friend. It is really nice going through life with him by my side.

3. My daughter. She is such a blessing to us. I know there was life before her but I can hardly remember it.

4. The family members on my side.  I miss each of you! That includes my sisters, brothers, cousins, aunties, uncles, nieces, and nephews. You all live near and far but I haven’t forgotten you. I hope that all of you are well.

5. My in-laws. All of you that I’ve met over the years have been nothing but kind and inviting to me. I truly enjoy hearing so many stories and laughing with each of you.

6. My job. It isn’t the most glamorous job, by any means, but I like it. I enjoy meeting new customers and ones that I have already met before. I enjoy the challenge of working and I feel like my employees and I are like family in a way.

7. My church family. I appreciate all of you. Thank you for all of the prayers and support .

8. The many friends that I have made in my lifetime. We are all grown and busy living this “adult life “. I don’t talk that often on the phone and I am awful at keeping in touch via social media. I appreciate the phone calls that do take place between us whenever they do. I am lucky to have friends that when we finally do catch up it’s like we never missed a day.

9. Health and strength. I am so thankful to be healthy and able bodied. This truly is some thing that I don’t take for granted.

10. This blog. Although I am still figuring out what direction I am taking with it, I am thankful for this platform. It allows me to reach so many people from right where I am.

Tag you’re it! Let us know something(s) that you’re thankful for in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my shared thoughts. Please feel free to subscribe.



3 Things I like About Bloglovin’


If you have been following my blog then you know that I haven’t been the most consistent when it comes to posting content. Now that my daughter is older and more independent, I truly want to make more time for my blog. Along time ago, I came across Bloglovin’ but I didn’t have the time to devote to it. Well lately, I have been spending time on the site trying to learn my way around. It has been a couple of days and I must say Bloglovin’ is a gem for many reasons but let me just share a few.

There are Three big things that I really like about Bloglovin’.  

Firstly, I love that I can find so many different blogs in one place. Having so many blogs at my fingertips saves me so much time.

Secondly, I like that I can connect with other bloggers. I am discovering that being a blogger is so much more enjoyable when you create relationships with other like-minded people.

Thirdly, I am still a mom so I don’t always have time to sit and read as much as I may like to. It comes in handy to be able to “save” post for a later read. Not only that but you can also “love” and “share” post that you find beneficial. Oh, and did I mention that you can pin them on Pinterest?! Ah! Pinterest is amazing as well, but that is another post for another day.


If you enjoy reading other blogs and would like to save time, then Bloglovin’ is for you! If you like connecting with other bloggers and would like to possibly make friendships, then Bloglovin’ is for you! If you are a busy person who likes to read and you could benefit from saving a post for a later read, then Bloglovin’ is for you! If you like to share your favorite reads with other’s and love to express appreciate for other beneficial and/or influential post, then Bloglovin’ is for you!

**This is not a sponsored post. I have just rediscovered Bloglovin’ and because I have found it so helpful in rekindling my desire for blogging I just had to share it with you all. I believe that all bloggers will find it to be useful.**

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Stay blessed,

4 Lessons From Motherhood

Hello there!

It has been a little while and I have been missing my blog lately, so here I am. My three-year-old is more independent these days, and that allows me to take a handful of minutes for myself.

It has been three years now and I am by no means an expert. All that I now know has been through much trial and error. In this post, I am going to share four lessons that I personally have learned and/or am still in the process of learning from being a mom.

  1. Mommy guilt is real, but it doesn’t have to linger. There have been days when, no matter how hard I tried, nothing seemed to go as planned. Like the times when I wake up extra early to get us ready in time for an appointment but somehow I find us still rushing. Or times where I may have been too lenient and other times when I may have been too harsh. With times like those and more, I quickly began to feel the mommy guilt taking over. I am learning to push the pause button on that guilt by reminding myself of God’s word.  My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power (Isaiah 40:29). God didn’t make me a mother because I reached perfection nor is He going to be a deadbeat Father and abandon me. I will make mistakes but I can rely on God’s grace to see me through. I am learning to do the best that I can, rely on God, and apologize to my daughter when my best isn’t the best.

  2. Mommy Judging. Since the day that my daughter entered into the world, I found myself looking to other mothers. Thoughts of “How did they do this?” and “How was that done?” came to mind. Unfortunately, that turned into thoughts like, “I can do better than that!” or “I can’t believe I still don’t know how to do that!” The lesson that I had to learn was to not  look around at other moms nor to rely on myself. It is a process but I have found it is so much easier to relax when I am relying on God to guide me. “Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me” (Psalm 119:133).

  3. Thanks, but no thanks. When I was pregnant people would hand out advice whether it was asked for on not. For example: what to wear, what to eat, and what to prepare for. One example would be a customer at work saying ,”that shirt is too tight for you! You need to put that away until after you have that baby.” (I mean I was pregnant but I still could feel if I was comfortable or not in my clothes). As a first-time mom-to-be, advice was often appreciated but there were times when it was overwhelming. Even as a mother, I occasionally receive the “You better get her. Don’t let her get away with that!” -or the opposite- “hey, she is just being a kid. Let her be.” I am learning to say, “thanks, but no thanks“. As a parent, I take motherhood seriously. I don’t know everything and I do appreciate other points of view, but I have learned that I don’t have to take everyone’s advice.The Bible states, ” I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you” (Psalm 32:8).  **NOTE: I am not against getting help from other’s nor am I against taking advice. I only mean to say that when I make a decision as a parent I am learning not to be so easily persuaded. I am learning to trust my gut.**

  4. I must spend daily time with God. At first, I had this silly notion that I needed only to pour myself into my marriage and motherhood to be fulfilled. (I know, What a great Christian, Dri?!) I did just that and very quickly I found myself exhausted and frustrated. As a mom, at least for myself, that Me Time doesn’t happen all too often. She doesn’t go to daycare and I don’t consider work: taking care of customers, taking out the trash, and sometimes forcing a smile while being fussed at ME Time. I have discovered that Me Time is much easier when I plan for it. Although this doesn’t always work because you can’t always plan for the unexpected nighttime temper tantrums or the spontaneous “mommy, I need you” moments, but planning definitely makes it much more likely to happen. My idea of Me Time is time spent with God. I find that this best works when everyone else is sleeping. This can take place first thing in the morning or sometimes before I go to bed. You may be thinking “what about sleep? You need it to have the energy needed to keep up with your toddler, don’t you?”  I have found that my mind wanders less when I spend time with God before bed. It is also true that I am less stressed and ready to face the day when I make time first thing in the morning. And just in case you are wondering I don’t do both back to back. I didn’t figure this technique out on my own. I discovered this by studying the actions of Jesus himself. Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed (Mark 1:35). After sending them home, he went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night fell while he was there alone (Matthew 14:23). It is easy to do when it is important to you. You find that you aren’t finding the time for God you are making time for Him.

 I hope that you have found this helpful. Tag You’re It! What are some lessons that you have learned as a parent? I enjoy reading about another’s journey, so if you’ve made a post feel free to link it in the comment section, or simply just share your thoughts. I hope that we can start a discussion that way we all may be able to learn even more lessons. Also, If you would be interested in hearing some of the ways that I spend time with God let me know. I am still learning what my readers are looking for. If you have any suggestions feel free to share those as well. 

As always thank you for stopping by

Stay blessed, 

Our First Carved Pumpkin

As a kid, we didn’t carve pumpkins in our home for Halloween. Now I don’t blame my grandma at all. She was much older than I am today and there were more of us to take care of. With all that said, I decided I wanted to try this carving pumpkin experiment. Please keep in mind that I am not a pro by any means. This post is just me sharing my first experience carving a pumpkin.

This is What We/I did:

Step One: Pick out your pumpkin. I allowed my daughter to choose the pumpkin. I wasn’t surprised when she choose a smaller pumpkin. In her words, “I want the baby one, mommy.”


Step Two: I went online and googled to see what kinds of designs there were out there. I found so many, so I was able to mix and match and create my own outline.

There is an eyeball in each eye but the flash washed it out.


Step 3: I cut out the stem. I was pretty excited as you can see.



Step 4: I gutted out all of the insides and made it as clean as I could including the stems base.


Step 5: I began to cut out the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows on the pumpkin. You may have noticed that I accidentally cut out the eyeballs that the pumpkin had in step 2. My one tip would be for you to take your time.



Step 6: Once I finished cutting the outline, I intentionally continued to cut toward the center of the pumpkin without going through. My goal was to have the glow from the candle on the pumpkins inner surface. This was the finished project.


My Thoughts On This Experience

The pumpkin resulted in losing a sharp tooth on the side and both eyeballs as well. During this project, I discovered that I was more excited than my three-year-old daughter was. Once the pumpkin was finished, I realized that fact remained the same. Tonight, I will put the candle inside and see how she feels about it. I will update this post tonight and update you with her response (assuming that I remember after work).

Hopefully, next year will be more exciting for my little one which will result in more pictures. Thank you for reading this post all the way to the end.

UPDATE: Here’s what it looks like at night.


Stay blessed,

100 Days of Movement

100 Days Keep moving

Hello, Everyone!

It has been a while since my last blog post, but here I am. While I haven’t been on here in a while I have been posting daily on my main facebook page. Today is day 100 of what I have been calling #keepmoving.

What is #keepmoving? 

It is a journey that I began 100 days ago. I began this journey in hopes of getting better at dealing with depression. In a past post, I have mentioned the fact that I have been battling depression off and on since the age of twelve. As you can imagine, battling depression and keeping up with a fully energized toddler doesn’t go hand in hand. On her second birthday, as I watched her open presents, I silently vowed to get better. I spent months in prayer and one day while she was sleeping I thought back to ways I dealt with depression pre-motherhood. I remembered loving to run, walk, and simply being out in nature; which was something I hadn’t done in quite some time. When she woke up I grabbed her stroller and went for a run and that is when my #keepmoving journey unintentionally began.

What did I do?

This journey was about more than just running. It was a journey that I was going to take with my daughter by my side. I made up in my mind that I would get better and not put motherhood on the back burner. I knew that if my daughter was going to be with me then I needed to make sure that fun and enjoyable things were happening. She likes being pushed in the stroller but even that can get boring. On March 29, we began walking and running. Eventually, that evolved into playing outside, chasing bunnies, going for walks, going swimming, running errands by foot, floor exercises indoors, lifting weights, dancing, or whatever I could come up with that day.

Depression Today

As you probably guessed, no I am not 100 free of depression but I can honestly say that I feel so much better. Before this 100 day adventure, it was hard to get out of bed. I used to wake up each day telling myself that I had to get up, but now I want to get up. I look forward to what the day might bring. I now look forward to what my daughter and I might do during the day. She loves to be outdoors and so do I but even on rainy days we make sure to spend that time together.

What’s Next?

The last 100 days were about staying active and I want to continue that. In addition to that, I now intend to stay active and get in shape and that is my goal for the next 100 days. Today I weight 153 pounds and I want to be down to about 135. Disclaimer: I have not consulted with a physician and I am no expert. All I know is what I used to look like and how I felt when I was at my best. I don’t plan on going on some crazy diet. I am simply making one change for now and that is to drink more water daily. If I am honest with you all, I don’t drink nearly enough water and that has got to change.

Stay informed with Dri

I have decided to begin posting these next 100 days on my facebook blog fan page. Oh you didn’t know that I had one? Click here, then click the LIKE button that way you can stay informed. Besides the daily post, I plan to be more active on there in the future.

Thanks again for all of your support! I am so glad that you take out time to read my blog. I have more in store in the future, so please stay tuned until next time.

Many blessings,