3 Years: Natural Hair & Motherhood

Hello, everyone! Today marks 3 years since I did the big chop.


This is a picture of me right after I did my big chop. I was four months pregnant and very excited about the new life that was to come. I can honestly say that I have grown so much over these past few years, and so has my hair.

3 years later

I chose to do the big chop for myself. It was all about me becoming comfortable in my own skin. Doing what I felt was right regardless of everyone else’s opinion of me. This really has come in handy with motherhood.

lets go

I have found that people have all kinds of opinions when it comes to how I ought to raise my daughter. I have heard a lot of “you better do this” and “you better stop that”. The funny thing is that some bits of advice contradict other bits of advice that I have received. The same thing goes with my hair. You’d think that it’s just hair but some people take this whole “natural hair community” thing very serious. I have heard “if you are going to be natural you have to follow the rules”. I personally don’t feel it’s that deep. I am just living for me not trying to live for “the community”.

Lenght isn't everything but

This natural hair journey has helped me be a better mother. It has helped me to find a new voice that I did not know I had inside. I have discovered a new side of myself and it is beautiful. Let me introduce you to this woman that I have found:

Loving it

Nowadays, I go by the name Dri. I am a wife, a mother, and I am discovering more about myself each day. I now look into the mirror and a see a beautiful woman because I am no longer lost trying to live up to the expectations of others. I realized that I cannot live up to them and I am okay with that. I have discovered a strength within myself that showed up the day my daughter came into the world and has continued to grow.

guest appearanceI want to encourage you today to live the life that God has destined you to live. Sure, there will be those who disagree and feel you are going about it the wrong way but only you know what God is leading you to do.  It doesn’t matter whether it has to do with your hair, how you are going to raise your children, where you will go to college…etc. Don’t allow man’s opinion to keep you back from living this gift called life.

Thanks for stopping by once again and for your support. I truly appreciate you visiting and sharing my post.  I don’t know what’s next to come but you can be certain that any changes will be done for me.

Stay blessed,












A Grateful Winner

I entered a giveaway by  J Shanee on YouTube, and I was blessed to have won. I received the products in the mail today.

First, I received a satin scarf.

satin scarf

Second, I won a pillow cover made of silky satin fabric.

silky satin pillow case

I am on a journey to have healthier hair and these two products will protect my hair as I sleep at night.

Thank you so much to J ShaNee On YouTube. She has a lot of videos and she is one of my go to’s for natural hairstyles and tips and tricks. I really encourage you to go and check out her channel on the YT.

Until next time,

Have a blessed day!




Natural Hair: Her First Frohawk

My daughter isn’t a fan of getting her hair done, but she loves to look beautiful when it’s all done. I did her hair today and the best part is that it’s very simple.

Approximate time needed: 30 minutes (Keep in mind that all kids are different, so it may not take that long for you. I had to stop and start due to her moments of restlessness.)

How I achieved this look:

Step 1: Start with a clean head of hair (freshly co-washed,  detangled entire head, and conditioned with lotions and oils). 
Step 2: Section hair into four sections (3) in the front (1) in the back. (In the front, I put one section in the middle and two on the sides. The back was parted into one big section).

Step 3: I created two flat twists1 in the side sections of her hair.


Step 4: I twist the tail ends of the flat twist together, and I do this on both sides.

Step 5: I take the twist from both sides and I pin them together in between the two middle sections.


Section 6: I remove the clips from the middle sections and cover up the twist that are joined together in between them.



She has naturally curly hair so I didn’t need to twist the remaining loose portion before hand. If the hair isn’t naturally curly give yourself ample enough time to twist the loose portion if you want it to be curly. Then when it’s dry take them a loose and you will have curls.

My Thoughts

This was a simple and easy style to do. And if you are wondering if she approved, when it was done she said “oh, mommy! It’s beautiful”.

Hope that you enjoyed this. Have a blessed day.


Natural Hair – Bantu Knots

Day 1

The day before styling I washed, detangled, moisturized, plaited and twisted my hair. ( It was a mixture of plaits and twist because I originally intended on doing a braid out, but my daughter wasn’t having it. I ended up moisturizing and twisting all that was left).

Approximate time needed:1 1/2 hour (that is from beginning to end, which includes stopping along the way to take care of my baby girl. If you don’t have to stop then I would say maybe an hour).

How I achieved this look:

Step 1: Pick the plait that you are going  to work with.

Bantu Knots Pick a plait

Step 2: Take a loose the plait and you now have three sections to work with.

Bantu Knots undone

Step 3: Take one of those sections and pin the other two out of the way.

Bantu Knots Get your section

Step 4: Comb out that section and add some moisturizer and oil of choice if needed. (My hair tends to dry out rather quickly so I added some more on this day).

Bantu Knots Prepare Section

Step 5: Twist that section and add oil to the ends if needed.

Bantu Knots Twist Section

Step 6: Begin twisting the twist on itself.

Bantu Knots Begin the Bantu Knot

Step 7: Continue going around until you have completed the bantu knot.  If your hair isn’t long enough then you may need a hair pin to hold it in place.

Bantu Knots there it is

Step 8: Unpin the other two sections, pick one, and repeat steps 3-7. Continue this until you have done your entire head. Bantu Knots Continue until done


I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I have been rocking them this week and plan on doing a Bantu knot out next week.Come back next week to see the results.

Natural Hair- Bantu Knots


Have a blessed day.


Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse



Approximate time needed: 2 hours (that is from beginning to end, which includes stopping along the way to take care of my baby girl. If you don’t have to stop then I would say maybe an hour).

How I achieved this look:


Hope that you enjoyed this. Have a blessed day!



Day 7: Why The Controversy?

Today is day 7, the last day of the “Feel Good Blogging Challenge” by Alex Beadon. I am thankful for this opportunity, new subscribers, and for all of the support. I really have enjoyed this fun and challenging experience. Today’s blog post requires that I end this challenge by dealing with something controversial. I have decided to give my thoughts on the relaxed hair community vs the natural hair community.

As I was in the transitioning phase I did a lot of research. During that time, I became aware of the natural hair community. I learned about the purposes of oils, creams, and butters, I became aware of harmful ingredients, and so much more.

Then I discovered relaxed women on YouTube with healthy hair. At that time my main go to’s were: ulovemegz and KISSseventyseven. From that discovery I decided that my focus needed to be on having healthy hair and not on fitting into a particular community.

I currently have natural hair but if I choose to relax my hair again, in the future, I do not want to feel like I am abandoning the natural hair community. I am natural because I choose to be, not because I am against the idea of relaxed hair.

When I am asked how do I feel about relaxed hair I say that I am not against it as long as the person is taking care of it. Now I know people say that you can’t truly take care of your hair and put chemicals in it. With that said my answer still remains and I am owning it.

In the future if you see that I have dyed, relaxed, or straightened my hair don’t be alarmed. No, I have not betrayed anyone because I have not made a pledge to anyone except to myself. This hair journey for me is all about health and discovery. On this journey there will be failure and success and to me that is what it’s all about. Personally for me it’s not about picking a team but about self discovery.

God bless!